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For over thirty years, Digital Island Studios has been helping artists and creators realize their vision. We strive to be a collaborative partner and help you capture your voice in a transparent, clear, and direct way.

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Broadcast and Podcast

Controlled. Quiet. Professional. Creative.

Two fully floated and isolated live recording rooms. Two independent control rooms. Microphones from Neumann, Sanken, DPA, Schoeps, and more. High quality analog and digital electronics. Robust broadcast connections via Comrex, TieLine, Focusrite, and myriad web interfaces. An unbeatable Manhattan location and a comfortable vibe. All this has helped us create over 3,000 hours of music, talk, arts, and sports programming for the BBC, CBC, Criterion Collection, ESPN, Fresh Air, The Guardian, KCRW, KQED, Minnesota Public Radio, The Moth, NPR, New York Public Radio, PRX, SiriusXM, Slate, WBUR, WFMT – and you!

Acoustic Recording for Classical and Jazz Musicians

Have Mics, Will Travel

We believe that a recording project is an artistic Collaboration.

We believe that a recording project is about trust.

We care about you. We care about your process. We care about every project we take on. You’ve spent years honing your craft; our job is to accurately capture all the intensity and emotion you bring to your performance. Our production team will work to guide you and help you realize your full artistic interpretation and expression. All of our interactions are driven by the goal of capturing your optimal performance as accurately and beautifully as possible. We focus on clean, clear, and pure techniques using microphones from AEA, Audio Technica, Brauner,  DPA, Neumann, Royer, Sanken, and Schoeps, combined with high quality analog and digital components to deliver a strong and beautiful sound. We accurately capture all the magic of your performance and help you create a visceral and emotional experience for your listeners.

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